All day any time sweet savory snack with goodness of fruits without cruelty of sugar.



As the temperature is soaring high our digestive system gets affected. We all want to remain cool but all we use is instant outside elements like AC, fans and water coolers. Let’s beat the heat from inside with NDF’s instant nutrient super thanda smoothie. We all eat ice slush which are loaded with sugar and does not get classified as healthy food. Instead of slush let’s make a very simple guilt free smoothie which can be Made Effortless and Eaten Guilt Free.


Watermelon de-seeded – 3 cups
Grapes (Preferred black without skin) – 3 cups
Low fat curd – 1 ½ cup
Chia seeds – 2 tablespoon


In a blender blend watermelon, grapes and curd to a smoothie texture. Before serving add chia seeds in the smoothie and stir it. Let it rest for 2 min till chia seeds turns opaque in color. Pour it in a smoothie glass and decorate it with watermelon and grapes.

Health Benefit

Watermelon has approx 92% water content which helps in keeping us hydrated during summer. It is a low calorie nutrient rich fruit. It helps in digestion due to high fiber and water content.

Black grapes have low GI value thereby aiding in blood sugar balance. Black grapes are rich source of flavonoids thereby aiding in heart health and skin health. It has also been assumed to protect against lung cancer, Alzheimer and works as an anti aging agent.

Curd is a rich source of calcium, B vitamins and trace minerals. It’s high protein content curbs the appetite and thereby helping in weight loss journey. It boosts our digestive system.

Chia seeds are another super food that is very low in calorie and power packed in nutrient. Chia seeds are loaded with fiber, protein, omega 3-6 fatty acids and other micro-nutrients. Due to high protein and fiber they are also great ingredient for weight loss journey.

This smoothie is not only tasty but due to its nutrient dense combination it works excellent for anytime carving. Due to simplicity of the making process it works excellent for all working people to maintain their healthy diet regime. So let’s keep ourselves hydrated with simple Make Effortless Eat Guilt Free recipes.

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