All day any time sweet savory snack with goodness of fruits without cruelty of sugar.



Health is always in our hands. It’s our carelessness that destroy our beautiful health and then we complain. Well not any more as NDF is always there to help you to make healthy lifestyle easy. Here’s our new exciting vitamin doze for our tender body.

Tomatoes – medium size 7 pcs.
Green kheera Cucumber – ½ pcs
Bottle gourd – medium sized – ½ pcs (peeled)
Mint Leaves – washed – 1 cup (approx 10 gms)
Lemon – 2 big size
Salt – as per taste
Black Pepper – as per taste

In a blender squeeze the lemon juice. Add all the above washed veggies. Blend it till smooth smoothie texture. Pour it in the glass and enjoy vitamin rich smoothie.

Health Benefit
– Rich source of vitamins A,B,C, Zinc, Calcium, iron, phosphorus and many more micro-nutrients.
– Loaded with fibers, so curbs your appetite and prevents food carvings.
– Excellent energy booster as it contains natural nutrients which are fresh in its purest form.
– Improves skin, heart, digestion and many more health condition.
– Is effective more faster than a lab made multivitamin tablet.

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