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Auspicious Sharavan Month is going on loads of people observe fast, but do they really fast well yes with fried and unhealthy Junk type of “FARALI FOODS”. In ancient times fasting was done to eliminate toxins also to avoid diseases which are prone in this weather. However in those times fasting was strictly on milk/tea/fruits and in some religion just plain boiled water(Jains). Nowadays a new type of food called “FARALI FOODS” is prevailing the society, people are fascinated with it just like Junk Food. A major health drawback of this type of food is it’s completely destroying our gut system, resulting in loads of bloating and acidity. “Farali Foods” are rich in saturated fats and sugars.There is a spiking nutritional imbalances that is created in our body due to restriction/eliminations of whole grains, leafy vegetables, certain pulses,etc which leads to frequent hunger pangs, constipations, acid reflux, many such problems during fasting diet. Another drawback of “Farali Foods” while designing a meal is a challenge due to restrictions in consuming all the type of foods. At NDF we have designed a nice “Make Effortless Eat Guilt Free” Recipe which is prepared using few limited ingredients but giving a complete nutrition that would be obtained from a wholesome meal and of course taste amazing! This is “NO OIL GLUTEN FREE RECIPE”. Loved reading! Made it! Let us know by commenting it! Enjoyed it! Share it!

Total Nutritive Value of the Recipe: Per 200 gm
Carbohydrate: 40.69 gm
Protein: 12.2 gm
Fat: 15.04 gm
Energy: 350.8 Kcal

Medium Sized boiled, peeled and diced potatoes – 2pcs.
Peanuts (Boiled) – 1/2cup (Boil 1 cup as we shall need ½ cup for pesto as well)
Homemade fat free paneer – ½ cup

For Pesto:-
Indian Basil (Tulsi Leaves) – 25leaves (preferable big size otherwise increase the quantity)
Coriander Leaves – A handful with its tender stalks
Mint Leaves – 10leaves or more if you want it mintier.
Boiled peanuts – ½ cup
Ginger – A medium sized bulb peeled and chopped roughly
Lemon Juice – 1 TBSP.
Salt – As per the taste.

For Apple Dip:-
Apple – red and juicy one – ½ don’t remove the skin but remove the stalk and wash it thoroughly.
Fat free Yoghurt – 1 Cup
Cinnamon Powder – 1tsp
Sugar/Sugar free – Optional As per your taste I used 1 sugar free sachet in 100gms dip.

For Garnishing:-
Apple wedge – 1pc
Cinnamon stick – ½” stick
Sesame Seeds – 1tsp
Almonds roughly chopped – 2pcs.
Chili Flakes – 1 pinch for that tangy spicy taste
Pomegranate Seeds – A handful for that sweet zingy taste!!!!

For Pesto:-
Put all the ingredients of the pesto in a blender jar and blend it till a smooth pesto consistency is obtained. Please do not add water otherwise it will be very soggy. If you need water just sprinkle it with your hands.

For Apple Dip:-
Grate the apple with a grater and mix the yoghurt in it. Add the cinnamon powder and sugar/sugar free if required and mix all together. Garnish it with a cinnamon stick and apple wedge.

For Potato Peanut Salad:-
In a bowl take boiled peanuts, potatoes, paneer cubes. Add 2tablespoon of Tulsi pesto and mix it thoroughly. Garnish it with the garnishing ingredients and serve it with chilled apple dip.

Health Benefits:-
This recipe is a complete combination of Proteins (Paneer & Peanuts), Carbohydrates (Potatoes & Apples) Fibers (Tulsi and Coriander leaves) & Fats (Sesame Seeds, Almonds & Peanuts). The balanced nutrition diet while observing fast is where people lack knowledge which is were foods myths are arising.
Potato is a unhealthy vegetable- Food myth present in many minds. Well as a bio-technologist and nutritionist I would like to clear the myth that boiled potato is actually the most healthiest and nutritive vegetable. By mixing with fats like butter,ghee,oil we make it most unhealthy vegetable. Groundnuts/ Peanuts are rich sources of thiamine (An amino acid) & Nicotinic acid which aids in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.
The main magic ingredient which is my favorite is Tulsi leaves pesto using Tulsi leaves which not just have medicinal use but loaded with healthy essential oils and immense antioxidants. It is difficult to incorporate tulsi everyday on its own in children’s but making yummy pesto like this will be a stressreliever on super mummy’s worrying about their child’s health in this disease breeding season. Tulsi leaves are loaded with polyphenolic flavonoids which inhibits oxidation and also contains natural health benefiting essential oils such as eugenol, citronellol, linalool, citral, limonene and terpineal which have antibacterial and anti inflammatory effects.
So super mommy’s relax and enjoy your fasting diet and make a quick Tulsi coriander pesto sandwiches for your kids. We at NDF through our scientific based approach towards the food design recipes which shall take care of your whole family as we strongly believe “FOOD IS FUEL”.

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