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Dudhi Jaljeera

The perfect drink for health-seekers, Dudhi Jaljeera provides the nutrients of Bottle Gourd (Lauki) and Mint (Pudina) with the flavour of Jaljeera. It takes no time in preparation. Drink it in the morning to give your day a healthy start.

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Rich Source of Dietary Fibre

Dietary fibre is important for your body’s well being. Fibre is essential for effective weight loss.


Provides Vitamin B and Vitamin C

Acts as a rich source of vitamin B and C. Vitamin B is important for metabolism and Vitamin C promotes healthy gums and teeth.


Clears up Congestion

It contains Mint, which is a great remedy for built-up congestion in the throat or nose. It also helps in improving your oral health.


Bottle Gourd




Enhance your diet through the healthier version of the popular beverage, our Dudhi Jaljeera. It is a great addition to the diet of any person. It not only helps in digestion but also gives you a plethora of nutrients.

Packed with Nutrition

Our Dudhi Jaljeera gives you the combined benefits of Bottle Gourd and Mint. Both of them are great sources of minerals and Vitamins. Bottle Gourd is beneficial for your liver and heart. It promotes cardiovascular health and helps in the treatment of urinary problems as well.

Mint, on the other hand, adds flavour and give a cooling effect.

Suitable for Everyone

Delicious in taste and full of nutrients, our Dudhi Jaljeera is perfect for all age groups. Children can get the vital nutrition for growth and boosted immunity whereas senior people can get more energized through this product.

You can serve it to your guests as a beverage as well.

Amazing Taste

While providing you with essential nutrients, we have made sure that it doesn’t lose its taste. It is the perfect addition to your weight loss regime. It is free from any added preservatives, sugars or colours.

Benefits of NDF Products

Internal Solution for Glowing Skin

Combination Food for optimum health

Satity food for small portion size

100% Plant Based Nutrition

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