All day any time sweet savory snack with goodness of fruits without cruelty of sugar.

Multivitamin Dhokla


Multivitamin Dhokla

Your favourite Gujarati snack comes with the added twist of health. Multivitamin Dhokla provides your body with Vitamin A, K, C and E along with many minerals. Have it as a side dish in the evening or give it in the lunchbox to your kids.

Vitamin A 0
Vitamin C 0
Protein 0
Calcium 0


Diabetes Controller

Cholesterol-free, Aids in controlling diabetes.

Muscle Building

Great source of Protein, Aids in Muscle Building.


Benefits of Vegetables, Contains Tomatoes rich in lycopene to protect cells from oxidation.


Bottle Gourd



Chilka Moong Dal




As the name suggests, our Multivitamin Dhokla provides you with multiple vitamins obtained from natural vegetables like cabbage and tomatoes. Apart from vitamins, it contains bulgur wheat aiding your snack to be protein rich without hindering your taste buds.


Fulfils Daily Requirements
Attaining protein target for a strict vegetarian diet is quite tricky. Our multivitamin Dhokla ensures complete absorption and ease of digestion of proteins to keep your gut healthy. Along with proteins you also attain the power of multivitamins and minerals from vegetables. So now snack can act like meal and not to forget no compromise on taste!!


Perfect Snack
It serves as the perfect snack for anyone. You can give it to your kids, guests or anyone else who requires a delicious snack. It helps in the management of your weight loss. Therefore, you can lose weight fast easily.

Free from Additives
External additives hinder functionality. To give functionality which makes a remarkable difference we avoid to add any preservative, colours or flavours to our product. As a result, you get nutrients naturally.

Unique Benefits of NDF Products

Uniqueness - always appreciated

Freeze Dried Vegetables – For intact Natural Nutrition

Internal Solution for Glowing Skin

Combination Food for optimum health

Satiety food for small portion size

Satity food for small portion size