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In Gujarat we have a saying “Mor na Inda chitrva Na Pade” meaning if you are doing some creative work your kids learn by themselves just by observing you. Well today I am presenting another health recipe completely designed and made by my 7 year old son Dhairya. He was hungry for breakfast and was bored of eating chocos and milk, so he came up with this “Make Effortless Eat Guilt-free” recipe.


Marie Biscuit – 3 pcs
Oats – 1 cup
Hershey’s dark chocolate syrup – 1 tbsp
Milk (Fat free and warm) – 1 tbsp just for binding

Method :
In a mixer crush Marie biscuit and oats to a powder form. Remove it into a bowl. Add Hershey’s syrup, raisins and slowly keep adding milk just to bind the powder.

Health Benefit :
Kids are very fussy about foods . To make them eat healthy is a great challenge. Well oats are not preferred by kids. But if we add oats they provide slow release energy for them. As kids are very active there brain needs to perform due to their schooling. When a kid goes to school on an empty stomach or just a glass of milk it does not provide balance nutrition when grains or cereals are mixed, it becomes a natural energy food.

Dark chocolate has many proven health benefit for heart. Through he has used ready made it would be better if we make dark chocolate at home.

Raisins are having power of fruits. Therefore Marie biscuit and oats providing carbohydrates. Raisins providing sugar, milk providing calcium and protein. Real twist in boring ingredients. Thank you Dhairya for such a lovely recipe. At NDF we appreciate and welcome all such innovative ideas and hope to bring out more. A humble request to share the recipe thereby boosting young minds.

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