All day any time sweet savory snack with goodness of fruits without cruelty of sugar.


1. Will NDF products reduce my weight?

No, products never loose weight. Weight loss is associated with many factors like Lifestyle, food choices, stress levels, hormones imbalances and many more. Our products help in reducing your portion size. Consuming 350gms edible form of dhokla makes you feel satisfied through NDF Multivitamin Dhokla 200gms edible portion gives equivalent satisfaction. This portion control would possibly aid in weight loss.

2. Are these Meal Replacers?

No NDF’s Dudhi jaljeera are not meal replacers but are “Drinkable Salad”. Eating 500gms salad is a huge challenge as its merely impossible to eat that quantity at a time but when it comes to beverage or smoothies, we can definitely consume larger concentrated quantity. As NDF beverages are “Drinkable Salad” they control your hunger pang along with food satisfaction. NDF Products are all lactose/dairy free.

3. Do I need to eat food if I am using NDF Products?

Yes, you will need to eat food. NDF Products works as a Detox Juice which aids in reducing toxin build up due to your lifestyle and food choices.

4. Is Fresh juice more nutritious and better then NDF’s packed beverage premixes?

Fresh is the best but is associated with irregularities. Consuming vegetables/herbs juices first thing in the morning is a healthy habit but due to our lifestyle constrains and priorities we create gaps which cost us loss of healthy habit. NDF understands that these gaps are the major factors contributing to nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle diseases. NDF Products are formulated using “ Freeze Drying Technique” which retains the nutrition, color and taste of the natural fresh vegetables but eliminating the moisture content of the fresh vegetable thereby preserving the vegetables until 1year rather than 3-4 days. This dehydration technique helps us in bypassing the process of Food preservation and Nutrition safety parameters of food processing industry.

5. Why combination of many vegetables to formulate one NDF beverage?

Indian vegetarian diet cannot obtain all the nutrition with one single food. As plant-based diet requires many combinations to full fill all the daily nutritional requirement of the body we did a combination premix.

6. Are NDF Products associated with any side effects?

No, As NDF Products bypasses food preservation processing due to use of Freeze-Drying Technique these products are completely free from any preservatives, additives, acidity regulators, stabilizers or artificial color. In our 3years tenure we never have any customer complaining about any side effects felt after consuming NDF products.

7. What is the ideal age group for consuming NDF products?

From 5year to 80year we have tried and tested these products. Pregnant women we haven’t tried but sooner we shall achieve that clearance to ease their plight.

8. How do you categorize NDF Products (Nutraceutical/Ayurvedic/Food)?

NDF Products are Functional Food. Functional foods mean foods containing ingredients that aid specific bodily functions in addition to being nutritious. It means it’s a combination of Nutraceutical, Ayurveda and has real food like organoleptic characters. Western countries have now turned their backs on medicines and are looking for such alternative functional therapy.

9. Why it is called Multivitamin Dhokla and will it be soft spongy and fluffy like regular dhoklas?

Multivitamin Dhokla is named because it contains vegetables in powder form (Bottlegourd, tomato, cabbage). Vegetables are consumed as it gives us daily required dosage of vitamins, minerals and fiber essential for body functionality. Flour based premixes gives spongy fluffy texture, NDF Multivitamin Dhokla does not contain any flour but has the power of whole grain in the form of wheat grits which does not allow dhokla to rise. For your reference original texture of our dhokla is mentioned on our packaging at the top most left-hand corner.

10. Will NDF’s Veggie Booster Soup be a thick soup or thin soup?

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Unique Benefits of NDF Products

Uniqueness - always appreciated

Freeze Dried Vegetables – For intact Natural Nutrition

Internal Solution for Glowing Skin

Combination Food for optimum health

Satiety food for small portion size

100% Plant Based Nutrition