All day any time sweet savory snack with goodness of fruits without cruelty of sugar.

Dudhi Jaljeera

Vegetable Cooler

Dudhi Jaljeera

Goodness of “Lauki”, Taste of Jaljeera.

The perfect drink for health-seekers, Dudhi Jaljeera provides the nutrients of Bottle Gourd (Lauki) and Mint (Pudina) with the flavour of Jaljeera. This healthy beverage takes no time in preparation. Drink it in the morning to give your day a healthy start.

Protein 0
Calcium 0
Iron 0
Vitamin A 0


Weight Management

Lower the lipid accumulation.

Heart Health

Aids in maintaining cardiovascular health.

Intestine Health

Clears up Congestion, Aids in relieving acidity.


Bottle Gourd




Loved food,doesn’t just make you happy but nourishes the body to absorb better. NDF’s Dudhi Jaljeera is not only a healthy beverage loved by adults but young kid as old as 5years cannot leave the drink unfinished! NDF’s Dudhi jaljeera reduces the stress of forcing to eat healthy!


Packed with Nutrition
Our Dudhi Jaljeera is a great combination of Bottlegourd(Lauki), Mint and spices. Combination of Bottlegourd, the super food to improve heart health and has lipid lowering functionality along with Mint for treating many congestional problems like gastric discomfort, bloating, vomiting, makes NDF Dudhi Jaljeera a must have drink to attain healthy lifestyle and anywhere anytime!


Suitable for Everyone
Delicious in taste, rich in antioxidants our Dudhi Jaljeera is perfect drink for all age groups. Children can enjoy the drink in gol-gappas, middle age can have it as healthy drink in the morning, senior can consume it as energy drink. Not to forget you can also serve it to your guests as welcome drink !


Amazing Taste
While providing you with essential nutrients, we have made sure that it doesn’t lose its taste. It is the perfect addition to your weight loss regime. It is free from any unknown ingredients, added preservatives, sugars or colours.

If you like it order it! If you don’t like it say it to us for further improvement!

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