All day any time sweet savory snack with goodness of fruits without cruelty of sugar.

Reason for Nutridynamic

Nutri Dynamic Foods

Welcome to Nutrition Dynamic Foods where we make food work for you with vivid flavours, taste and functionality so that you can consume guilt free. We are the pioneer in crafting plant based functional foods in India.

Ms. Arpita Doshi, the woman behind NDF, enhances the functionality of food with her passion to develop unique beverages and instant premixes by combining traditional wisdom with taste that takes food beyond the cliché of health food. Graduating in the field of microbiology (India) and doing her post-graduation in Biotechnology from University of Hertfordshire(UK) Mrs. Arpita’s immense passion to break the stereotype of health food available commercially laid the foundation stone of Nutrition Dynamic Foods.

After undergoing a major health disease at a very young age she determined to change her lifestyle. Challenges of exercise, diet, home maker, work pressure was faced by herself and well understood. Problem of unavailability of nutritious, satiety bringing, tasty and addictive foods at reasonable price was identified. Currently, we are the only company in the field of Functional Foods to provide completely nutritious, plant based, natural fortified (through combination of ingredients) food.NDF products are free from artificial colour, additives, preservative.Using power of our traditional vegetables (through our freeze drying technology) and spices without loosing the essence of taste to pamper your taste buds.


Health is taking toil by our choice of food, lifestyle, environmental changes and pollution. Food is the only measure that is controlled by individually rest is a collective form of measure. Food is biofuel, it does not just provide energy but ignites psychological positive neurons that are associated with our personality! We have identified few burning health problems and tried to provide solution to you in the form of Product.


• Don’t have time to cook
• Vegetable juices are health imparting but strenuous work in terms of sourcing, storing, juicing and consuming.
• Cannot control Portion Size
• Meal time uncertainty
• Sedentary Lifestyle living
• Suffering from Lifestyle diseases
• Taste empowers health thereby addicted to consume junk food frequently
• Fatigue, Anaemic, Acidity, Bloating, Hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, anxious, depressed.
• Children with fussy food choices.


If you suffering or experiencing any of the above-mentionedproblems, you need to be attentive towards your body and overcome your wrong food choices but million dollar question is HOW?


Traditional food was healthy energetic, in one word “Satvik”. Over period of time due to many circumstances our habits changed. The mentioned problems can be solved when we can find products with traditional wisdom, ease of preparation to suit our current lifestyle, tasty and economical.

NDF Products are formulated with traditional wisdom ingredients that are dried using Freeze drying technology to ensure food safety, natural nutrition retention, longer shelf life, additives-free to ensure foods functionality, ease of preparation method (Uses only water to reconstitute), ease of caring and storing. Products are manufactured in most hygienic facilities bearing all Food safety certificates from Food Safety and Standard Authority of India.

By creating easy to prepare nutritious foods, NDF helps people in leading healthier lives. Because a healthy body is necessary for a happy life.


NDF products have set some standards before innovating the combinations:

• Ingredients used should be health imparting.
• Ingredients used should be scientifically researched.
• Ingredients used should be easily recognise by People.
• Tasty food products.
• Aids in delaying premature aging thereby reducing risk of lifestyle diseases.
• There is no gastric discomfort in the initial trial because NDF used Products which are gut friendly.
• NDF assured that all products have no side effects.
• Nutrition Fortification from Natural Ingredients Combinations).


Unique Benefits of NDF Products

Uniqueness - always appreciated

Freeze Dried Vegetables – For intact Natural Nutrition

Internal Solution for Glowing Skin

Combination Food for optimum health

Satiety food for small portion size

100% Plant Based Nutrition