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During monsoon we all experience weather stress. Weather stress has been found as one of the reason for slow metabolism functions (Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, 3rd Edition). As infection rates are optimum, as a food bio-technologist I advise to avoid consuming green leafy vegetables. As the weather conditions are not so favorable we get limited varieties of vegetables mostly like Bottle gourd, Ridge gourd, Ivy Gourd, Ladies finger, Green beans, etc. As these vegetables are less palatable cooking healthy and tasty vegetable dish is a challenge! Well at NDF we try to understand these problems and bring to you another lip smacking nutritious and quick meal recipe which you can relax as it is Make Effortless Eat Guilt free and most important making less palatable veggies yummy….

Ingredients for Ivy Gourd (Tindora/Tondli) Dip

Ivy Gourd (Tindora/Tondli) – 15pcs.
peels(Skin) from Bottle gourd and Ridge gourd
Peanut Powder – 1Tbsp.
Lemon Juice – 1 Tbsp.
Green Chilies – 3/4pcs. (As per your spicy carvings)
Salt – As per taste.

Ingredients for Pancakes:-

Ridge gourd (Turiya) thoroughly washed peeled and grated – 1cup
Bottle gourd/ Lauki/ Dudhi thoroughly washed peeled and grated- 1cup
Homemade grated Cottage Cheese/Paneer (from skimmed milk) – ½ cup.
Rice Flour – 1.5 cups
Besan / Gram flour – 2Tbsp.
Ginger, garlic and chili paste – 1Tbsp.
Asetofodia /Hing – A pinch
Salt – As per taste.

Method for Ivy Gourd Dip:-

In a grinder jar grind all the dip ingredients together to make a fine thick paste. Do not add water unless it is necessary. If required add slowly to avoid watery dip.

Method for Pancakes:-
In a bowl mix Bottle gourd (Lauki/Dudhi), Ridge gourd ( Turiya/Torai), Paneer grates. Add ginger, garlic and chilies paste. In another bowl mix thoroughly rice and gram flours to avoid any lump formation. Add the flour mixture to the vegetable mixture and slowly pour water to make a pancake batter.

Heat a non stick pan and make medium seized pancakes. Serve it hot along with Ivy Gourd dip and Tomato Ketchup. You can also make a variation of using the pancakes as a pizza base which is hot shot favorite of the kids! Moms can relax as this pizza shall not be junk as it contains power of vegetables, grains and dairy proteins.

Health Benefits:-

As a vegetarian we have to combine various ingredients to full fill our body’s Nutritional Requirements. As due to unavailability of single plant containing all the nutrients we are compiled to combine the ingredients. Due to loads of weather stress, limited availability of vegetables which are palatable our vitamins and minerals intakes balance is disturbed.

The scientific reasoning behind bloated feeling in monsoons is reduced metabolism rate. This may also lead to constipation. Leafy vegetables are excellent source to relieve constipation but due to increase infection chances we try to avoid them. Well our own Mother Nature has answered our problem but unfortunately we don’t listen to our stomach but to our brain(Taste then Hunger)!!!

Ridge gourd (Turiya/Torai) contains good contents of cellulose and high in water content which makes it ideal vegetable to relieve our constipation. Ridge gourd (Turiya/Torai) aids in healing jaundice and also strengthen our immune system. Due to cooling effect it aids in managing acidity problems thereby aiding in ulcer formations.

Bottle gourd (Lauki/Dudhi) has many proven health benefits like aids in weight loss, relieves constipation, aids in eliminating urinary tract infection, etc.

The most magical ingredient in this recipe is Ivy Gourd dip. We have generally used as a vegetable and not as a dip. Well the important health benefit researched by “University of Kelaniya, Colombo” indicated that raw ivy gourd (Tindora/Tondli) leaves lowers the postprandial blood sugar levels and proves to the improvement of glucose tolerance. This makes it ideal for a diabetic person to consume this dip in the lunch which shall aid in maintain their blood glucose level. Ivy gourd is also a rich source of Vit B2, B1 and other vitamin B complexes as well as Iron.

Thus consuming this enormous nutritious vegetable helps us to remain healthy and protect us from various diseases. As a Food Biotechnologist I would recommend this recipe an ideal for diabetic and all health conscious people who find difficult in maintain their health regime due to unpalatability of the vegetables used in this recipe.

Nutrition Facts (Per 200 gm)

Energy – 362 Kcal
Carbohydrates – 48.25gm
Protein – 16.5gm
Fat – 10.9 gm
Soluble fiber – 7.2 gm
Insoluble Fiber – 8.2 gm

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