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Spinach – 1 cup (washed)  Mint Leaves – a handful (Leaves and tender stem)
Coriander leaves – a handful
cabbage – 1 cup (Shredded)
Lemon – 1 1/2 tbs
Black salt – as per your taste

<strong>Method :
Pop all ingredients in blender and blend it till a smooth Popeye Green Smoothie texture is achieved. You can add water if it is thick.

Health Benefit :
1. This smoothie is rich with Natural protein, Fibers, Calcium, Iron, Vit A, Vit C, Vit K.
2. Fibers aid in digestion.
3. Vit C from lemon fights against common cough and cold
4. Vit K from coriander has a possible healing effect on Alzheimer’s.

* Amazing Facts :

Popeye eats spinach and muscles are build, why?
A decimal point can create so much misunderstandings….When Popeye was introduced, at that time due to a printing error iron value was believed to be the reason for muscle but in reality the iron content is not that high in spinach.

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