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CANCER – A Scary, Mortal, Cell Degenerative, Traumatic Disease…

On 4th Feb we observe World Cancer Day.

We try to throw some light on this disease in terms of genomics.

Let us understand the Biology of cell in terms of genomics. In cancer we lose our genetic stability. To understand genetic stability, we shall take an example of a company manufacturing bread. Let’s call this company Nutrigenomic.

The main ingredient of bread is its Dough. If any alteration in dough happens then bread would not turn out to be as good as expected. DNA is the dough of our Body genetics. We need to take care of our DNA to protect ourselves from diseases. However due to various factors like Stress, Aging, Environmental Pollution, Lifestyle, Tobacco Alcohol and Smoking, Infections, Hormonal factors, Diet obesity and Physical Activity, Occupations (like working in dyes, asbestos, chemical industries), Polluted air water and soil, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Exposure to Ultraviolet, Ionizing and Electromagnetic Radiations, etc… our DNA get altered and cause disease like cancer.

Cancer is a disease of cells. Cell divides uncontrollably and leads to malignant tumors. Just like Nutrigenomic company who is very vigilant on its process and quality so that it attains maximum output our cells need to be vigilant on what proteins are encoded and how they are encoded to keep us healthy.

However, at times due to some minor reversible errors Nutrigenomic would be able to reverse the damage and protect its end product bread in the same way in cancer sometimes our DNA can repair itself if detected and treated initially. Our body depends only on one external factor for its metabolism named FOOD. Therefore, it becomes very important to watch our daily food.
Now let us understand how our DNA looks like for which we shall take another example of Architect drawing Office plan with the help of a scale/ruler. A scale is marked with specific measuring units called centimeter, millimeter and inches. In the same way when we open our DNA which is double helix structure and look at one part which is called gene we find loads of markings we call it codes (A, T,G,C,U).

Architect draws a plan, specific in measurement according to the space available. Same way our codes in DNA makes the sequence longer when specific enzymes are binded to make further proteins messenger RNA(mRNA). When mRNA is generated it needs to make exact copy of its for further functioning. Any failure in making exact copy of mRNA the further encoding is altered, and confusion arises in genomics which we call mutation. These mutations lead us to Genomic Instability which is what, has been observed in the case of Human Cancers.

How to sustain DNA stability to the most?

There is as such no magic cure found in medical, genetic or nutritional science which can assure of providing DNA Stability. Diet at least can help you to protect or at least aid in reducing cancer suffering. Incorporating diet rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, multivitamins and minerals, whole foods, probiotics can help to remain at par or survive minimal pain if suffering with cancer.

Here are the some foods that have the potential in reducing the suffering or aid in keeping ourselves protected from this deadly disease. Incorporate this in your daily diet may be more beneficial towards better health.

CEREALS :- Bajra, Jowar, Barley, Whole wheat flour

LEGUMES:- Black Gram Dal (udad dal), Black Gram Whole (Udad whole),Green Gram Dal(Moong dal green), Green Gram Whole( Moong)

LEAFY VEGETABLES:- Mustard Leaves (Saag), Amranth Leaves (Tandeljo), Beetroot Leaves, Fenugreek Leaves (Methi), Radish Leaves (Muli leaves)

VEGETABLES:- Bottle gourd (Dudhi/Lauki), Brinjal(Aubergine/Ringan), Capsicum (Bell peppers (RED,GREEN, YELLOW)), Cauliflower (Phool gobi), Brocoli, Drumstick (Saragvo), Green Peas(Mutter), Tomatoes(Green and Red), Carrots.

FRUITS:-Apple, Cherries, Orange, Papaya, Pineapple, Watermelon, Mango, Litchi, Black Grapes, etc…

ROOTS AND TUBERS:– Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Yam, etc..

SPICES AND CONDIMENTS FRESH:– Red Chilies, Curry Leaves, Mango Ginger, Mint Leaves, etc..


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