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What is Satiety? How Nutridynamic will help?

Satiety is the new buzzword among dieticians and nutritionists. According to Merriam-Webster, it means ‘the state of being fed beyond capacity: Fullness’.
Remember when you finish lunch, your mum offers you one more roti and you refuse because you’re full? That’s the feeling of satiety.
Why has it become a buzzword? Because it helps in controlling your portion size thereby aid in weight management.
Satiety and weight management
You might wonder, “What’s the relationship between feeling full and weight gain?”
There’s an indirect relationship. You gain weight you consume more calories than you burn. The excess calories either get removed in waste or get stored in your body for future use.
Those calories are stored in your body in the form of fat or adipocytes.
When you eat more your body intakes of calories increases and burning of those calories decreases which leads to weight gain. Adipocytes are of two types White which aids in building lean weight and brown which converts the excess food to fat storage cells leading to adiposity.
When our stomach is overpowered by brain which keeps demanding more food then need (in case of junk food) we end ourselves into the clutches of obesity or weight gain. These foods do not fulfill your hunger but satisfies your taste buds leaving you hungry more frequently. Your mind loves to overeat. It wants to store energy in case it doesn’t find any food (primal instinct). However, you don’t need to overeat; instead, you should focus on eating sufficiently.
Satiety helps you in this regard. Knowing about the foods which make you feel full will help you eat less and thus, manage your weight.
Factors that influence your satiety:
The Form of Calories:
What kind of calories do you consume?
If you are getting your calories from proteins, then it’s amazing. But if you are getting them from fats and carbohydrates, then you need to be more careful and watch your portion size.
100 grams of dark chocolate contains 546 calories while the same amount of apple contains 52 calories. Barbara Rolls, PhD
Foods containing more water content and fibers aids in reducing your portion size. Fruits and vegetables both contain substantial water and fiber naturally. Any deep fried or spray fried snacks loses their nutritional or healthy promoting vitamins upon their making process.
To feel full faster, you should choose to eat foods that are high in volume and contain fewer calories.
The taste of Your Food:
Your mind has different appetite sections for each flavour. Dr David Kats, MD, MPH, says that the tendency to feel full depends a lot on the number of flavours you eat.
According to him, this is a chief reason why you feel the need of having a dessert even after a full meal. Consuming low sugar and low fat desserts like rice pudding/carrot pudding/ traditional sukhadi (wheat flour and jaggery) will not just satisfy your sweet cravings but also helps in metabolism of sugars.
Your Mood:
Many people tend to binge-eat when they’re overwhelmed or under stress. Your emotions have a considerable impact on your eating habits.
You might want to eat comfort foods or sweets (ice-cream, candy, etc.) if you’re under emotional stress. To tackle this problem, you should choose comfort foods with thought. Treating yourself occasionally is actually the necessity which will suppress your cravings; it becomes a problem when occasionally is converted into often.
When under stress, people don’t realize how much they have eaten. They overlook their hunger cues, due to this reason, they tend to overeat.
How Nutridynamic helps:
The experts at NutriDynamic believe in the effectiveness of a satiety-oriented diet. We have developed a unique range of nutrient-rich products which help you feel full faster and manage your weight.
We help you in the following ways:
Fibre-rich Options:
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests that fibre filled foods promote satiety. Fibre will expand in your stomach and along with (healthy) fats, it slows down the absorption of sugar.
Your blood sugar influences your hunger so having a stable sugar level helps in controlling the same. Veggies (vegetables and fruits) are great sources of fibre.
You should use our Veggie Booster Soup and Dudhi Jaljeera. Both of them are great ways to increase your fibre intake while limiting calorie consumption.
Fewer Calories, More Nutrients:
You should always keep your calorie intake in check. That’s why experts recommend avoiding junk food and eating whole foods. But while you are reducing calorie intake, you should also consume sufficient amounts of nutrients.
In this regard, Immunity Booster and Multivitamin Dhokla are the most suitable options. They give you all of the vital nutrients while making you feel satiety.
Ease to prepare:
You’ll not have to spend much time in the preparation of our products. This means whenever you feel the temptation to have a delicious snack, you can take their help. Veggie booster soup is excellent for the snack option.
Combine our products with nuts and fruits and you will have a full arsenal of healthy snacks ready for you. This will help you combat the emotional eating – Dudhi jaljeera flavoured cashew nuts, alomonds, etc..
Satiety is a great concept for developing a diet plan. Eat mindfully, ensure that you don’t overeat and you’ll be able to keep yourself healthy. Our products are here to make your task simpler.
What do you think of satiety? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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