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“DNA – is a building block of our body”

Why you need Proteins for your weight management. Nowadays we are less obese with fats but much more obese with our improper understanding of Food and after food, comes internet where authenticate information and unauthenticated information is found simultaneously.

What is Protein?
Proteins are large complex molecules resembling tangled strings of amino acids. According to nutrition perspective food is divided into two parts Macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, and fats. Micronutrients: Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, etc.

To perform various functions we need all the nutrients which can only and only be obtained from outside source known as “FOOD.” The major nutritional deficiencies are found in vegetarian diets as plant sourced proteins are incomplete proteins (which means they lack few amino acids depending on the type of food) whereas animal proteins (Which are complete proteins but has a drawback associated if consumed in higher amounts).

Shed Those Unwanted Pounds with Proteins – Here’s how
Chapatis/Breads/Naans are loved by all because it tastes good. It is more palatable. How much do we consume when we are hungry? Some may eat 2 some 4 and some of them even more….No control over the portion size as that is regulated by enzymes that makes you feel full. What is the major macronutrient in Chapatis/Bread/Naans its “CARBOHYDRATES”. Digestion of Carbohydrates gets initiated in mouth therefore by the time food reaches stomach digestion has already been started which could be one of the reason why carbohydrates rich foods does not make you feel fuller in reasonable portions size. Secondly carbohydrate digestion requires sugar digestion just three pathways to digest namely PP Pathways, TCA Pathways and Glycolysis.

Pulses, legumes, dal, yogurt….ever wondered how much intake do we take at one sitting? Maybe 1 bowl or 2 bowls at max…. These are protein rich foods. The digestion of protein rich foods gets initiated only when stomach acids gets mixed with the food and then a complex biochemical reactions gets involved in digestion and absorption of these nutrients. Proteins are like slow release tablets and carbohydrates are like injections direct effect…And that is one of the reason why you feel fuller in small portions of Protein rich food. One of the possible reasons why most physical trainers are insisting on increasing our protein intakes as it’s a Gym effect inside our Body…..many biochemical reactions, enzyme activity all get involve in digesting that food.

Infusing Protein in Diet
On average adults need approximate 60-65gms of proteins per day. Let us see in beneath table how much we get when we consume these foods. You can thereafter see yourself whether are you taking enough proteins to manage your weight? If no try to incorporate these foods as much as you can as then you shall not have any major disease risk.

Another big challenge that people face is tasteless appealing protein rich meals. Therefore it is more often neglected to incorporate protein rich recipes as cooking different meals for everyone is not possible in today lifestyle. Well folks we have a solution for you. Visit You shall find healthy, tried and tasted recipes along with their health benefits. So next time when you are trying to beat your 4’o Clock hunger pang think of incorporating more protein rich snack like roasted chickpeas, peanuts, almonds, sattu ladoo, oats ladoo, roasted soya bakes, etc. instead of Maskabun, Vadapav, namkeens, Biscuits, Fried chips, etc.

Take your call whether…..

“HEALTH FIRST OR TASTE FIRST” to decide how you get shaped you are the porter of your body.

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