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“Life is like an ice – cream, enjoy it before it melts.”

An analogy always takes us by surprise, yet in the most logical way. They have that self attained power to capture the essence of life and explain it in the simplest way. One such analogy we have been pondering over is that of human body as a car.

We adore our cars, don’t we? To explain it simply, a car is a metal box with wheels that requires fuel to operate. The inbuilt engine converts this fuel into energy that powers the wheels just as the energy from food powers a human body. Some treat these so called “precious assets” to high grade fuel while some make use of the low one to make it pocket friendly. However, the low grade fuel has high chances of backfiring in the near future with a whooping maintenance cost while the high grade one would hit the road just perfectly without incurring any surprising expenses.

In the same way, food is synonymous to car fuel. The intake of right food can do wonders for your body while the wrong one can be fulfilling initially but has high potential to backfire.

High Grade Fuel – Healthier and Body – Friendly

Intake of right fuel (food) does not have to mean following strict dietary limitations or depriving yourself of the food you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great and healthy about what you eat. High grade fuel like veggies, grains and pulses aids in leading a healthy lifestyle, balancing the stress levels and stabilizing one’s mood. Moreover, it adds years to your life by preventing the onslaught of diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, cardiac arrest, etc. while maintaining perfect body weight and making you look younger with radiant skin and healthy hair. Indeed, a happy you and a healthy you!!

Low Grade Fuel – Tempting and Satisfying

On the other hand, talking about low grade fuel, it might make you go aww at the first sight and satisfy your hunger pangs; however this comes at the cost of your body. Consuming junk food might gradually lead to a lethargic life style that can reduce years of life and increase the chances of fatal diseases.

Do we get same pleasure from a bowl of fruits that we get from burger oozing with cheese? Probably no; lacking all the essential nutrients, it might seem fulfilling and tasty however it leads to stressed metabolism degrading the functioning of your digestive system, skin, hair, etc.

The Reality Check

The sad part of our food industry is that no one has thought of making food as fuel. Whenever we have thought of making nutrition rich foods, we are flocked with stereotypical options like soups, protein powders and meal replacements. The word “healthy” and “tasty” are now used as contrast. However, it’s high time we understand that the real problem is not food; the problem is the right choice of food. Our body is like an engine. It just requires right fuel, so all we need to do is nurture it with the right fuel, i.e. enjoy the right food. This does not have to mean sacrificing food or compromising on your taste buds.
Next time you take your car for fuelling up; think about how long it has been since you had some healthy fuel for your body. Probably not as regularly as your car!

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