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Bottle Gourd/Mint/Jaljeera

Dudhi Jaljeera

The perfect drink that health-seekers will love, Dudhi Jaljeera is all about the nutrients of Bottle Gourd (lauki) and Mint (pudina) with the flavour of Jaljeera. Start your day with a quickfix glass of Dudhi Jaljeera, rich in fibres, iron and Vitamin C. Grab a pack here.

Dried Kokum/Ginger/Turmeric/Amla

Amrit Jara

With Dried Kokum and Ginger spicing up the taste, you’ve got Amrit Jara, a juice drink that’s just as unique as it is healthy. Begin your morning with a timely drink full with Vitamin C, iron, and dietary fibres. Add some lemon to it and voila! It tastes like health! Buy one to know how good it is.

Drumstick/Spinach/Bottle Gourd/Rosemary/Oats

Veggie Oats Soup

A unique combination of Drumstick, Spinach, Bottle Gourd and Rosemary with oats will have you feel the upsides of a healthy diet. Besides, it helps you with protein, carbohydrate, iron and calcium too. Hungry to grab an evening snack? Try it out now.


Got Health on Your Mind?

Mix of traditional wisdom with modern innovation and new ways of preparation to create patented food. Prepare a healthy food diet which ticks the box of being delicious as well, and take a leap with NDF.

Our USPs

Freeze Drying

The natural NDF products are minimally processed using finest preservation technology - the freeze drying technology. Prepared using traditional and modern science, it takes away any unhealthy side effects whatsoever.

NuPharm Food Science

Our products are a combination of Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Food Science, making it an innovative display of healthy food products using the science of drugs and nutrients to grow life. The combination is termed as “NuPharm Foods”.


Freeze drying technology preserves the prebiotic aspect and enhances the natural antioxidant concentration in our products, unlike most beverages that lack the aspect due to a shelf life issue. Our products retain that aspect and naturally attain 3 years of certified shelf life.

Patented Products

At NDF, we have patented our technology to for its combination and method of preparation to create some of the healthiest products on the market.

How Does NDF Help?

"Immediately after undergoing bariatric surgery, travelling to Mombasa was challenging as inflight food didn’t match my dietary needs. I carried NDF's Dudhi Jaljeera, Amrit Jara and Veggie Booster Soup, which was easy to make on the flight, it filled me up, gave me good nutrients and I enjoyed my meals. I also carried their pulses and cereals mix along with me which helped me attaining my daily protein requirements. A perfect natural food that I needed to nourish my weak body post surgery. I strongly recommend that any body undergoing strenuous surgery have now got the option of vegetable drinks which is easy to carry, more nourishing and tasty.”

Ms. Hema Majithia

Home Maker, Mombasa

"I have been consuming NDF Amrit Jara for the last six months and I have found a lot of positive effects on my body. My energy levels and stamina have increased tremendously. I was so sensitive to dust, pollution and perfumes which triggered my allergies by continuous sneezing after consuming NDF Immunity Enhancer my sensitivity reduced and I could freely roam around. I highly recommend it to my family and friends."

Ms. Niyati Doshi

Teacher, Jamnagar

"I have been consulting with Ms. Ritu Shah about my diet and weight loss for the last 6 months. Her diet charts always included NDF's organic products like Dudhi Jaljeera for effective weight loss and glowing skin. NDF products taste great and work wonders in your body by eliminating toxins and help digestion. You’ll find yourself satiated and highly energetic after consuming NDF Dudhi Jaljeera. Along with diet and products I lost 9kg in 3 months and visible inch loss. Its a great product to start your new healthy life with"

Ms. Meena Gadhvi

NDF Costumer and Dr. Ritu Shah's Client

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