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Monsoons are here! Rain, mesmerizing smell of soil, everything looks fresh and vibrant! Well yes it is indeed a wonderful refreshing feeling after sunny days. But actually sun gives us energy to work more efficiently then this cool weather where we feel sluggish to go for our everyday routine. Apparently the most horrifying side of this weather is our DIGESTIVE SYSTEM malfunctions. Our immunity power decrease and hence we become more prone to diseases. Therefore planning a night time dinner meal is very important thing. We do not get exciting vegetables and most of the leafy vegetables are not safe due to infection chances. Now raises the question what to cook for dinner? Well something that should be exciting but should not be harsh on our digestion. Well NDF present to you another exciting nutritious monsoon dinner recipe which is a twist in breads. Traditional breads are made from wheat or Maida or even if we take multigrain they all contain a protein named gluten which makes the digestion difficult during monsoons therefore we bring to you Steamed Rice Bread Stuffed Sandwich…

Ingredients for Steamed Rice Bread
Rice Flour – 1cup
Corn flour – 2tbsp
Oil – 1/2tsp
Water – Approx 150ml or more to make thin batter

Ingredients for Stuffing:-
Boiled and mashed green peas – 2cups
Homemade fat free cottage cheese crumbled – 1cup
Onion & Garlic finely diced – 2 Tbsp
Curry Powder – 2 Tsp
NDF Sattu Powder – 2 Tbsp
Oil – ½ tsp for sauté and 1 tsp for brushing the tawa to roast the sandwich.

For Steamed Rice Bread:-
Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Slowly add water and keep mixing till the thin batter consistency is reached. Leave it to stand for 10 mins. Now again mix it and the batter if thickened add little more water as we need batter which is thinner than dosai batter. Add the 1/2 tsp oil to the batter so that it does not stick. Grease the steamer plate with little oil and pour the batter into it to get thin layer. Steam it for 5-7 mins. Once steamed remove from the steamer and let it cool for 2 mins. Loosen the edge with the help of a sharp knife and let it cool for another minute. Once completely cool with the help of your fingers gently pull the steamed rice bread towards yourself and carefully remove the bread from the steamer plate and leave it on another greased plate. You can in meanwhile cook the stuffing to reduce your kitchen time.

For Stuffing:-
Heat a nonstick pan. Add 1/2tsp oil and sauté onion and garlic till golden brown. Add curry powder and reduce the flame immediately so that the flavor is obtained. Add mashed green peas, cottage cheese (paneer) and mix it. To absorb the moisture add NDF Sattu Powder which is made from chana and contains species. Taste the mixture and add salt according to your taste.

For Sandwich:-
Take a non stick tava and brush it with little oil approx 1/3 tsp to control the oil use a brush. Heat the tava on a slow flame. In meanwhile take one Steamed rice bread and layer it with the stuffing. Cover it with another bread and roast it on the tava till golden brown. Serve it immediately with mint sauce or ketchup you can grate some cheese for kids to enjoy cheesy sandwich….

Nutritional Information:-
Total Nutritive Value per 100 gm of the dish:

Carbohydrate: 41.9 gm

Protein: 11.2 gm

Fat: 4.79 gm

Energy: 302.2 Kcal


At night we need a very nutritious meal as our body shall be in fasting situation for 8 hours. Most of our vital organs need energy to perform its function. Therefore our meal should be such that it provides all the nutrition with balance proportions. Rice is considered as an ideal grain. The benefits of rice a carbohydrate rich grain combined with NDF Sattu Powder a salted protein powder attained from plant source chickpeas, is a power pack meal with loads of health benefits which a body would attain during its resting period.

Rice is highly energetic due to its carbohydrate and protein content.

Rice is free from harmful fats, cholesterol or sodium so helps in maintaining cholesterol and blood pressure.
Rice is found to cure many diuretic and digestive disorders like IBS and Diarrhea due to resistant starch present in it which stimulates growth of good bacteria.

NDF Sattu Powder a tasty way of incorporating proteins either as welcome drink or use as binding agents for kebabs, tikkis etc or simply use it as binding agent in coriander chutneys….

Being balanced with digestive species NDF Sattu Powder provides optimum quality protein which body can utilize for better performance during any physical activity, wound healing, hair skin and nails health, wear and tear of tissues and muscle development.

This gluten free recipe is an ideal choice for Monsoons to keep our digestive tract intact.

P.S. All our recipes are nutritionally calculated and having its health benefits. To know more about our recipes please follow us on our facebook page where you can browse all our healthy nutritious recipes.

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