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How to overcome Binge Eating?

Do you binge eat? Or maybe you enjoy binge-watching your favourite shows with snacks?
Binge eating can become a serious problem. And so, you should not take it lightly. Everyone overeats at some point. It’s very hard to resist the temptations you know.
But if the frequency of your binge eating sessions has transformed from ‘occasionally’ to ‘frequently’, you should treat it as a serious issue. Overcoming binge eating is simple.
It takes a little effort and dedication to overcome this disorder. Don’t worry because this article will guide you through the process.
Note: If the problem is too serious or if you can’t overcome it, you should consult with a doctor. Getting therapy and taking professional help is never a bad choice.
What is binge eating?
Binge eating refers to eating a lot of food (like 6 burgers or 3 pizzas) in one sitting. In most cases, binge eating causes a lot of guilt to the person.
If you’ve binge eaten before then you’d recognize the feeling. To find out if you binge eaten just answer the following questions:
• Do you eat more food alone?
By more food, we mean substantial amounts (double the usual servings).
• Do you enjoy eating many desserts when you’re sad or depressed?
• Do you eat many servings at once frequently?
• Do you eat until you begin to feel sick?
If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these questions then you have binge eaten. Some people binge eat on ice creams and desserts while some prefer junk foods such as pizzas or pasta. Recognizing the fact that you binge eat is essential to overcome this problem.
But before we discuss the solution, it is important we share the causes. It’ll help you get rid of the problem permanently and you’ll be able to control yourself better in the future.
Why do you binge eat?
You can binge eat for many reasons. Occasional binge eating is allowed. But if its frequency is high, consider taking a look at the solutions or consulting a professional. The following are the main causes why many people binge eat:
If your ancestors used to binge eat, chances are high that you’ll binge eat too. Research indicates that genes affect your eating behaviour. Binge eating runs in the family and if it does in yours, you can overcome with ease. You’ll just need to develop discipline.
Even though doctors haven’t found any relationship between depression and binge eating, it has been seen that if one is depressed, he or she will binge eat. Your chances of binge eating increase substantially when you’re depressed.
Have you been on an extreme diet? If you are then it is likely that you’ll binge eat. Extreme dieting results in generating a lot of hunger. It can drop your blood sugar levels too, which leads your body to demand more food. In that hunger, you don’t realize that you have overeaten.
How to solve this problem:
You can overcome binge eating. Just follow the following tips:
Eat in Small Portions:
If you’ve brought a bag of nachos to eat while watching a movie, eat it in small portions. You won’t binge eat, when you’ll have to get up frequently for small servings.
Research also shows that people who eat in small portions have 31% higher chance of eating less. So when you eat in a small bowl, you’re likely to avoid overeating.
Swap Foods:
If you are craving for any sugar loaded foods you can swap it for healthier options. For eg: An icecream can be swapped for any sorbet icecream or a milk chocolate bar can be swapped for a dark chocolate which contains less sugar. Similarly if you are craving for more salty products like chips you can swap it salted peanuts.
Write your Goals:
Write down your goals in a journal. Keep reminding yourself of these goals so you can see your progress. Your goals should be SMART.
Having such goals will motivate you as well.
Have many Normal Eaters:
Make friends with normal eaters. Those who have good eating habits can help you tremendously in this regard. But it doesn’t mean you have to force your eating habits.
If you like to have 5 meals a day, have them. But having many normal eaters will help you avoid binge eating.
Feel Good about your Food:
Don’t feel guilty if you’ve binge eating. If you have a craving then satisfy it. This way, you’ll keep your self-esteem high and have better control over your eating habits.

As you can see binge eating is a considerable problem. But you can overcome this problem by putting in enough effort. If the above tips don’t help, then we recommend you to consult with a professional.
Have a friend who needs these tips? Feel free to share it with them.

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