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How to get rid of Snacking Guilt?

We’ve all been there. Munching on a chocolate chip cookie or grabbing a bite in McDonald’s, there are different methods of guilty snacking. And when you’re on a diet, such snacking can cause a lot of guilt.
That tenacious feeling of constant guilt can cause many other problems. But eating healthy is difficult. There are so many tasteless and bland options (so many salads, right?); feeling the need of having something mouth-watering is natural.
What if we told you that you can eat healthy without compromising with the taste?
And you won’t have to spend many hours in the kitchen too. In fact, you can have your favourite snacks along with your required nutrition.
Check out this page to get an idea. (Did you know how healthy your Dhokla can be?)
Apart from that, let’s discuss how you can reduce the snacking guilt with ease.
What is snacking guilt?
When a person overeats or grabs an unhealthy snack while on a diet, he or she feels guilty. This feeling of guilt is called snacking guilt.
It happens to all of us. You just came out of the gym, you’re hungry and tired but don’t want to prepare anything. So you order something.
Those delicious fat-filled bites make your hungry stomach happy. But as soon as you finish you realize how you have cheated on your diet.
‘I ate so many calories’, ‘Oh no! I ruined my diet’, ‘I’ll have to start over again’, such thoughts begin to cloud over the mind.
Snacking guilt is common and everyone who strives to eat healthy experiences this feeling at some point. Not just unhealthy snacks but even healthy snacks can generate this strong feeling of guilt.
Why do you feel snacking guilt?
Because of your strictest critic, you.
When you’re trying to eat healthy or losing weight, you want to make sure that you do everything perfectly. And one misstep can generate a lot of disappointment.
We all begin to criticize ourselves, which can lower your self-esteem and self-confidence. Instead of being harsh on yourself, you should focus on following a diet regime that you’re comfortable with.
You can’t spend your whole life eating things you don’t want to. Instead, you should find healthy alternatives to your guilty pleasures. How about a vegetable base pizza or barley momos?
How can you get rid of snacking guilt?
You can live a healthy and happy life by getting rid of snacking guilt. The following points will help you further:
• Notice your Hunger Cues
Your body gives you hunger cues. Just as your stomach growls when it’s too hungry, it also gives you indications when you should stop. Eating intuitively and mindfully can help you identify these hunger cues and act accordingly.
As soon as you’ll realize that you have eaten enough, you won’t want to eat anymore. And when you’ll avoid overeating, you’ll obviously avoid snacking guilt.
• Eat Slow
In childhood, every mom stops you from eating fast. Guess what? Moms are right.
Eating intuitively can be difficult. And there are many benefits of eating slowly. Yes, decrease the pace of chewing and gulping. We all eat fast, especially when we’re hungry.
Gulping down large bites and eating with haste will distract you from recognizing your hunger cues. Eating slowly will help you identify the cues fast and without any hassle. You’ll avoid complications of fast eating too.
• Leave your Plan
Are you following a diet plan? Do you count your macros?
Counting your calories and macros can be beneficial but it has its flaws. It restricts you.
You’ll always feel guilty if you’ll keep reminding yourself that the cookie you ate had 78 calories. Get rid of your plan and start enjoying your food.
Gain knowledge about healthy foods, your nutritional requirements and eat tasty foods. We don’t mean that following a plan is bad. But it’s a major reason for feeling snacking guilt.
• Get Healthy Foods
Fill your kitchen with healthy foods. Buy nuts, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and other whole foods. You’ll have to remove unhealthy foods from your kitchen too. By removing them from your eyesight, you’ll be less tempted to eat them.
When you can’t access them, you’ll not want to eat them as well.
• Don’t be too strict
Don’t scold yourself for eating unhealthy things. Being harsh on yourself can lead to many problems. You’ll fight your temptation once, then twice, then thrice but after a limit, you’ll give in.
And when that happens, you’ll eat a lot more than you would have eaten at first. So, the best thing to do is to be at peace with your eating habits. If you feel the temptation to eat a Dhokla, grab one.
Now you can tackle snacking guilt easily. Just eat what you want but in moderation. Whether you want to lose weight or gain mass, the above tips will help you get rid of the snacking guilt.
What are your thoughts on snacking guilt? Are there any experiences you want to share? Connect with us.

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