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Healthy Gujju Food – How to Make your Gujarati Delicacies Healthier

Gujarati food gets a bad reputation.

While everyone knows how flamboyant us Gujaratis are in celebrating the festivals, they also think that Gujju food is unhealthy.
The popular culture doesn’t help either(like the physique of Jetalal in Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah). But you don’t have to give up Khakhras and Dhoklas because you want to get fit.

You can modify the traditional recipes and add a healthy twist to them. Don’t believe us?

Here are 6 modifications you can make to make your Gujarati food healthier:

Bake the Undhiyu (don’t fry)

An undhiyu contains many vegetables, making it one of the most nutritious Gujarati dishes. However, when you fry the undhiyu, you sap away all of its flavours and make it fattening. And we know you don’t want to get fat.
So, instead of frying, you should bake it or steam it. Though the undhiyu will taste a little different it will still remain as delicious as before.
And, you will reduce your calorie intake while doing so.

Use Soya Flour for Methi Theplas

If you add a little soy flour (half of the wheat flour) in your Methi Theplas, you’ll make this conventional Gujarati dish healthier with ease.
The soy flour will make your Theplas richer in protein, calcium and iron. You can also replace the oil you add in the flour with curd.

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Eat Mooli Muthias

Muthias serve as the perfect evening snack. Radishes are amazingly nutritious and provide you with the necessary Vitamin C. You can create Mooli Muthias and have them as an evening snack.
Because they don’t require any oil to create, they serve as an amazing healthy addition to your diet.

Use Jowar for Khichu

The stretchy Khichu tastes delicious and is fun to eat. But the rice flour contains a lot of calories.
If you want to lose weight fast, try making the Khichu with Jowar or Nachni flour. The experience will be similar and your diet will get better.

Eat Healthy Dhoklas

You always have the option to eat multivitamin Dhoklas as the healthier version. But you can go one step further and eat multivitamin Dhokla.

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It provides you with the necessary nutrients while keeping your taste buds happy.


As you can see, a little modification here and there will make your Gujarati diet healthier and more nutritious.
Let us know if you try these recipes. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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