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Guilt-free healthy snacking for all Gujaratis!

Do you enjoy eating a Thepla in breakfast or a plate of Fafda-Jalebi?
Every Gujarati does. Gujarati cuisine is rich and diverse with a variety of unique dishes including the famous dhokla and Lilva Kachori. And each of these Gujarati dishes packs a lot of flavours.
But they are rich in calories too, which leads to a new set of problems. Don’t worry, however, because we’ve got you covered.
You can eat the healthy version of the famous Gujarati dhokla and get rid of your worries. Before we discuss it further, it’s important that you understand why the healthier alternative is essential for you:
Why eating healthy is important
The awareness regarding eating healthy has increased considerably in the past few years. People have become aware of the various drawbacks of eating junk foods and are now changing their habits to lead healthier lives.
There are many reasons for you to start eating healthy. The following are a few of them:
Avoid Chronic Diseases:
Hypertension, heart diseases and type 2 diabetes are a few of the chronic diseases you can develop with regular consumption of unhealthy foods. Unhealthy eating habits increase your risk of premature aging.
On the other hand, eating healthy and nutrient-rich dishes helps you improve your immunity and promotes healthy aging. Resistance building towards seasonal cough, cold and flu has become necessary due to uncontrolled climatic changes happening.
Reduce Fat:
Obesity is a major problem. Over a billion people reside in our country and 5% of them are obese. This might seem a small number but it is over 50 million people.
Being obese decrease your confidence levels, increases the risk of developing numerous diseases and makes you less productive. Eating healthy foods is essential in this regard. It not only regulates lipid metabolism but also sugar metabolism is regulated to avoid premature aging.
Increases Productivity:
You’ll feel more active and productive once the body is filled with right fuel. You’ll get more work done which helps in attaining targets before the allocated time.
Eating healthy will certainly make you look stuning in your next Dandiya dance.
Boosts self-esteem:
When you’ll have less fat and be more productive, then it’s sure that you’ll feel better about yourself. We, humans, are creatures of habit. And when we develop good habits it boosts our morale and self-esteem.
High self-esteem will improve your mind’s health as well. You can improve all other areas of life when you feel better about yourself.
Why it’s difficult
Eating healthy is such a heavenly thing. It provides you with many benefits but still many people don’t do it. You may ask why so here are a few reasons:
Finding healthy alternatives
You know a plate of Gota has many calories (over 300) but you’ll still eat them. Why? Because it’s hard to find a healthier alternative.
When people fail to find a healthy alternative for their favorites dishes, they give up. They no longer try to eat healthy because no one likes to eat bland – flavorless, food.
Preparing the dishes
Preparing healthy dishes takes time and they don’t taste too good. Why will someone eat steamed vegetables when he can get a plate of Fafda-Jalebi outside?

Working women’s often gets lesser time to cook fresh meals, balancing work and home is a challenge, these struggles often made us dependent on consuming instant foods or takeaways where taste is more important than nutrition. At present an Instant dhokla mix fortified with the power of traditional vegetables like bottle gourd/lauki, cabbage and tomato would be more preferable if reasonably charged with nutrition given more importance along with taste.
What is the best solution?
You can eat healthy dhoklas. We’re not talking about ordinary dhoklas, we are discussing Multivitamin Dhoklas – they have low carbohydrates.
They are dense in calories than the ordinary ones and provide you with a variety of nutrients obtained from bulgur wheat and vegetables. It takes a few minutes in preparation and tastes amazing so you’ll face no problems with it.
Apart from that, you can eat it at breakfast / lunchtime or even as dinner along with some vegetable soup to end your last meal lighter and yet fuller. It’s the perfect choice for any health-seeking Gujarati.
Take action
Now that you know how unhealthy eating is bad for you, you should take action. Start eating healthy with the Multivitamin Dhokla and lead a healthier life.
Have you tried this dhokla? What are your thoughts about Gujarati snacks? Let us know.

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