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About Us

Health To Innovation

Who We Are

This is our story and why we came to be.

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Nutrition Dynamic Foods LLP – based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India – is the pioneer company in India to manufacture complete value-added instant and innovative functional beverage premixes, prepared to help working professionals, senior citizens and senior executives alike.

Mrs. Arpita Doshi, a Biotechnologist (UK), Microbiologist and a passionate foodie, had experienced a life threatening event early in her life, which led to the foundation of NDF as a healthier alternative to commercially viable beverages. Nowadays, the stressful lifestyle has caused issues for everyone, leading to premature ageing. Mrs. Doshi faced similar issues but overcame the hurdles of lifestyle modification, a route which requires steadfast will power. She searched for products to help ease up her stress, but most of them failed to provide sustainability. Thus, the journey of NDF began in 2019.

To break the stereotype of commercial products causing imbalance in body metabolism and losing absorption functionality, NDF designed natural food products researched with scientific backing. After a series of rigorous trials and testings, the products were deployed in the commercial market.

Needless to say, NDF is committed to produce 100% natural, authentic, scientifically backed functional foods that act as self care health management foods with a convenient and reasonable price.

Your Problems

if you're struggling with the following problems and more, we are here to help!

Maintaining Food Rituals

Are you facing challenges in keeping strong daily food and exercise schedules?

Work Timings

We make it convenient for you to take care of your responsibilities

Low Immunity and Inflammation

Are you overly dependent on processed or junk food?

Our Solutions

Don’t worry, we’re here to solve your health issues!

Innovative Products and Lifestyle Tips

We provide products and tips to help with your lifestyle modification

Ease of carrying

NDF products come in sachets and are easy to carry everywhere regardless of what you do

Healthy & Innovative

We prepare healthy, innovative foods that you can have any time you want, without ruining your health regime

Our USPs

Through everything we specialise in.

High Fibre

Our scientifically researched, locally sourced, traditional ingredients are well known for positive health building. We use nutrient-rich food products, which do not interfere with your ongoing diet regime.

Low Fat

Our products are a combination of Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Food Science, making it an innovative display of healthy food products using the science of drugs and nutrients to grow life. The combination is termed as “Pharm-Nu-Food”.


The natural NDF products are minimally processed using finest preservation technology - the freeze drying technology. Prepared using traditional and modern science, it takes away any unhealthy side effects whatsoever.

Superfood Ingredients

Freeze drying technology preserves the prebiotic aspect and enhances the natural antioxidant concentration in our products, unlike most beverages that lack the aspect due to a shelf life issue. Our products retain that aspect and naturally attain 3 years of certified shelf life.

Did You Know

Freeze Drying technology is beneficial to the food industry as it makes the food lighter to carry and preserve the natural colour and taste. It also increases the concentrated form of bioactive compounds present in the food without bulking agents.


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