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5 Nutritious Healthy Eating Habits to Stay Fit (Experts’ Opinion Inside)

Developing healthy eating habits can transform your life. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, to reach your dream physique, you’ll need to develop good eating habits.
Humans are creatures of habit. That’s why it is so difficult for us to give up bad habits. By developing good eating habits, you will ensure that you lead a healthier lifestyle. So, let’s begin:
1. Eat Small and Frequent Meals
Eating small and frequent meals boost your metabolism. When people eat large meals but a few meals, they face the risk of overeating.
When will you eat more: when you’ve been hungry for 2 hours or when you’ve been hungry for 15 minutes?
The chances of overeating also decrease considerably with small and frequent meals. You can eat mindfully and look for hunger cues. Combine your small meals with an exercise routine and you’ll get fit without putting much effort.
2. Have Protein in every meal
If you want to gain muscle (a.k.a. mass) then this tip is especially for you. Protein helps our bodies in growth. It helps in the construction of more tissues, and as a result, we can develop muscles.
Protein also helps in repairing your tissues. It helps in weight management which is building more lean mass then fat mass and that’s why almost every expert recommends you to eat more protein.
Apart from your muscles, your immunity system also relies on proteins for functioning properly. Men should eat 40g of protein in a meal while women should eat 30g. The recommended RDA value says 1gm/body weight is required which implies that if you weigh 60 Kgs, you would need to intake 60 Gms of protein per day.
Best sources of protein include salmon, crab, eggs, turkey, chicken and greek yoghurt.
3. Have vegetables in every meal
Vegetables are miraculously nutritious. They are low in calories and rich in nutrients, vitamins and mnerals. Having a few vegetables in every meal will help you balance your calorie intake while meeting your nutrient requirements.
There are different vegetables available as well. So you can experiment within them. They are great sources of fibre too.
Dietary fibre is essential for a number of reasons. And by consuming vegetables you’ll be able to fill that quota.
Plus, you don’t have to eat vegetables in solid form. You can eat them as a soup, or a drink. This way you’ll not get bored with the same dishes and have a great eating experience.
Fiber-wise, the best vegetables are spinach, kale, amaranth leaves, radish greens & many more. You should consider fruits too.
4. Consume healthy fats
Yes, we are recommending you to eat healthy fats. There’s a difference between healthy fats and unhealthy fats.
By eating healthy fats, you’ll provide your body with fuel. On the other hand, unhealthy fats will raise your cholesterol levels and make you obese.
Healthy fats are essential for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. What’s the use of eating a lot of vegetables if you can’t get their vitamins, right?
How can you get healthy fats? From Seed oils(sesame seeds oil/mustard seeds oil/peanut oil), seeds butter like almond butter, peanut butter, coconut oil and many more. They should be enough to fulfil your requirements.
5. Eat Carbohydrates with Low GI
Carbohydrates are also important for the well-being of your body. You won’t be able to exercise or lead an active lifestyle if you don’t have enough carbs.
But don’t eat everything because you need carbs. To make sure that you get the right nutrition, you should rely on cereals like barley, sorghum, bajra, rice, oats, etc. They will fuel your body with healthy carbohydrates without elevating the calories too much.
So there it is our list of 5 best eating habits you can develop. Remember, persistence is the key and you won’t make progress if you don’t put effort.r
What are your thoughts on these tips? Share with us.

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