All day any time sweet savory snack with goodness of fruits without cruelty of sugar.

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Think Health Think NDF!


We innovate food by mixing traditional wisdom, health, ease of preparation, taste to compete your guilt free eating no matter your circumstances! NDF believes “Food brings happiness, to enjoy happiness you need health and to get health need addiction to wisdom foods!”

Dudhi Jaljeera

Appetite your meal with tangy, spicy bottlegourd water

Immunity Enhancer

Kick immunity with Curcumin, Garcinia Indica and Amla

Veggie Booster

Say be to midevening hunger torpedoes with the power of green oatmeal.

Multivitamin Dhokla

Gujarat’s Most famous snack made nourishing with the gift of veggies




Nurture their carefree attitude don’t obstruct by fearing food choices or unhygienic practices! Take care of their and your immunity with NDF’s tangy salty Immunity Enhancer!


Preferable first drink in the morning with warm water and strain it if fussy for fibers. Let curcumin and Vit C kick the antibodies to boost immunity so as to enjoy carefree life!


Stress of household management sacrifices her own self priorities. Fatigue, nutrition deficiencies, anaemia reduces her stamina. Let these problems be taken care of by Immunity Enhancer.Kaushal Poshan Khushal Ghar!


Preferable first drink in the morning, pre-workout.


Work Pressure is taking toil on health! Engrossing in earning comes at the cost of health sacrifices! Sugar is the silent killer, let NDF Dudhi Jaljeera which contains bottlegourd known as superfood for its glycosides which metabolically regulates sugar metabolism do the wonders in office.Leaving you not just energetic but looking after your health by relieving work pressure!


During Office hours instead of sipping just tea/coffee prepare NDF Dudhi Jaljeera office friendly drink! Nourish yourself with water!


Study pressure destroys their carefree nature. Let NDF products do the work of “Ma” taking care of their health requirements


Any time of the day at your convenience! Feel the difference share the difference!


Exploring places makes you dependent on local cooked food! Missing home is felt when “Satvik” Food is unavailable. Outdoor food toils stomach health, ultimately leading to poor performance, Use NDF Immunity Enhancer to cool your acidity with Kokum present in this miraculous drink.


Explorer is never time bound so anytime of the day. Recommended as first drink in the morning for better absorption with warm water. It can be consumed with normal water as well!


Old habits don’t die easy! But the alarm has already rang or about to ring! Protect your bones with plant based calcium of Moringa(Drumstick), Bottlegourd(Lauki) and attain your protein in gut friendly ingredient Oats. Grab NDF Veggie Booster Soup to attain all this under one mug and boost nutrition in the evening or morning to enjoy the peace of old habits!


Early Evening is preferable to curb your evening hunger but can be consumed any time a day.


Age is experienced as muscles have lost their strength. Stomach has reduced the digestion capacity, gut has reduced the absorption capacity. Constipation brings discomfort and working efficiency has reduced! Grab NDF Dudhi Jaljeera made from freeze-dried Bottlegourd to impart the same fresh cooked nutrition to make you more energetic and live a healthy lifestyle.


Mid morning or Evening


Immediately after undergoing bariatric surgery travelling to Mombasa was challenging as in flight carrying liquids were prohibited. I carried in flight NDF Dudhi Jaljeera, Immunity enhancer and Veggie Booster Soup not only filled my stomach with vegetable benefits but also gave a taste and food satisfaction that my brain required. I also carried their pulses and cereals mix along with me which helped me attaining my daily protein requirements. A perfect natural food that I needed to nourish my weaken body due to surgery. I strongly recommend that any body undergoing bariatric surgery have now got the option of vegetable drinks which is easy to carry, more nourishing and tasty.

Ms. Hema Majithia

Home Maker, Mombasa


I have been consuming NDF Immunity Enhancer for last six months and I have found a lot of positive effects on my body. My energy levels and stamina has increased tremendously. I was so sensitive to dust, pollution and perfumes which triggered my allergies by continuous sneezing after consuming NDF Immunity Enhancer my sensitivity reduced and I could freely roam around. I will recommend it to my family and friends.

Ms. Niyati Doshi

Teacher, Jamnagar

Myself Meena Gadhvi, age 33 having diet and weight loss consultation with ritu shah since 6 months. She use to give me diet chart with some NDF's organic products like Dudhi Jaljeera Immunity Enhancer for effective weight loss and glowing skin. NDF products are very good in taste plus works wonders in the body by eliminating toxins. They are effective in digestion as well as bring satiety after having diet portion size. I felt highly energetic after consuming NDF Dudhi Jaljeera. Along with diet and products I lost 9kg in 3 months plus visible inch loss

Ms. Meena Gadhvi

Dt. Ritu Shah Client

"I have been prescribing NDF's Dudhi Jaljeera, Immunity Enhancer to most of my client. Products not only effective but have given great results when the client struggle with weight management problems.Natural protein rich products from pulses and low GI cereals have helped my client to achieve their protein target and reduce their portion size. I strongly recommend these products to be incorporated in our daily routine to maintain not just health but build stamina as they are pure, scientifically backed, result giving, mouth watering taste and economical for everyday use."

Ms. Ritu Shah

Nutritionist, Co-Founder at Aura Foods, Ahmedabad

Unique Benefits of NDF Products

Uniqueness - always appreciated
Freeze Dried Vegetables – For intact Natural Nutrition
Internal Solution for Glowing Skin
Combination Food for optimum health
Satiety food for small portion size
100% Plant Based Nutrition

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